South Manitoba's Best Choice For Spray Foam
Save Money On Heating Bills
Improve your health with polyurethane spray foam from Smart Choice Foam serving Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smart Choice Foam uses polyurethane spray foam to create more comfort and help you feel warm with better home insulation in Winnipeg, Manitoba
environmentally friendly polyurethane spray foam for Winnipeg, Manitoba home insulation
Smart Choice Foam uses a multi-use polyurethane spray foam that has many great uses for everybody in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Your Savings

Spray Foam provides the ultimate coverage to seal in heat creating a much more energy efficient home or building.  SAVE UP TO 40%.  See how...

Proven Benefits

There are many proven benefits to using spray foam technology for your insulating needs.  They range from health and comfort to financial gains.  Read more here for details and statistics.

New Standards

We use only the best urethane spray foam products which are setting new standards for many different areas of performance which result in many great benefits to you.
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Polar Foam is an industry leader in quality using natural products creating the best results for you.
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Officially licensed through the National Building Code of Canada under CAN-ULC 705.2 standards.
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Certified by the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association